I want out.

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My daily thoughts

I want out.

by silver

Trapped within the confines of this room, I sigh deeply to myself again.

How am I to live if I were to stay in this hole, forever afraid of the thoughts that penetrate my mind?

I want to leave, I scream.

I could feel claws, tearing at my chest, begging to be released.

I hear myself yell, so loud that I could hear but not loud enough for others.

"You have to get out! You need to live!"

The walls, dusty to my touch, felt like it closed in another inch.

The air around seemed to be denser.

I am forever trapped in this hole I dug myself,

I kept dreaming of finding something that I dug at the ground ambitiously,

And now I'm stuck in this hell hole, without a will to live. The only thing holding me together is the hope that someday I will be found, by someone, something.

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9 months ago
breathe, you'll be okay.

a year ago
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sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
2 months agoReply
I love this. Very relatable and love the hole and digging metaphor

Stariana-1357Bronze CommaA writer with big dreams.
2 months agoReply
Well written.

2 months agoReply
When you find yourself in a hole stop digging unless you digging yourself out witch is usually what you need to do waiting for someone to help you out is only existing if you want to live dig like hell and when you get out of the hole climb up to the top of the mound of dirt and see just how far you have come be proud of that