Heart of Gold
Heart of Gold heart stories

silvermedia student who believes in positivity
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Heart of Gold

by silver

Your heart of gold gleams through the darkest of my days,

your heart of gold brought life into me, coloring rainbows into my grey,

you taught me to love even at my lowest, and to appreciate the little things that was bestowed on me,

your heart of gold warms me up, making me excited for the day, like summer for the bees,

with every touch I felt, your warmth slowly reached me, through my veins, slowly to my heart.

Never have I ever felt this feeling, it felt like my eyes were enraptured by a beautiful work of art.

Like you, your heart of gold was priceless,

so strong yet so fragile, once broken, it cannot be fixed.

I promise to look after your heart, like you did back when we were sixteen.

I'll treasure you forever, you'll be the King and I'll be your Queen.

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