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breathe, you'll be okay.


by silver

You know that feeling where you feel like everything is crumbling all at once, not slowly but rapidly like water crashing at the bottom of fountains?

That feeling where your entire world becomes black and there seemed to be no sign of any light, not even a glow?

That feeling you get as you walk through the hallways, with the crippling fear that those tens of eyes by the lockers are judging every inch of your body,

although those heads weren’t even turned?

Through every pain, every breathless moment, every time you feel like crumbling into a hole, you are never alone.

These days will past, give it some time.

Give yourself some time, breathe.

All you see is darkness inside you, but behind that wall you’ve built is the brightest glow that you’ll ever see.


Break those walls, you are stronger than you think.

They look like tough, unbreakable walls.

Little did you know that your faith and inner strength have the power of wrecking balls, maybe even stronger.

What do you know? Try it and surprise yourself.

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