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Don't let it stop you.


by silver

You know that feeling when you feel like everything is falling all at once, not slowly, but like rapid waters pushing your raft against the sharp rocks,

Where your head is swirling with confusion, your heart thumping fast, blood rushing through every vein at a fast speed.

That anxiety you get when you walk through hallways in school, feeling as if those tens of eyes are judging you intently even though their heads aren't even turned.

It kills me sometimes to want to step out into the world, I just want to hide in my little hole, inside the safety of my ever growing number of pillows.

Life is so tough, with every obstacle I feel myself crumbling a little inside.

But then there's this light inside of me, this glow that never seemed to die.

The spirit of adventure constantly yelling in my body.

I couldn't let this stop myself from exploring the different depths of the world, I couldn't bring myself to hold me back.

Someday, I'll walk through the hallways, confident and barely anxious. Someday, I'll learn to appreciate that my self confidence does not rely on other people's opinions.

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10 months agoReply
you are very inspirational!!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
10 months agoReply
You have written an introspective that reflects a common affliction of coming to age. It was well written. There was no helter-skelter logic. Your wording presented an image of a young adult facing the bewildering forces that surrounds them. Great job!!!