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I was lying on my bed, slowly succumbed to slumber. In the REM Sleep, dreamt the most dreadful dream ever.

I read somewhere: "Dream time is the period when the brain can reorganize and review the day's events and connect new experiences to older ones. Because the body is shut down, the brain can do this without additional input coming in or risking the body 'acting out' the days memories. "

But didn't recall whether I had ever given a thought to the plot of the bizzare dream of that night. Still, when I think about it, couldn't believe even I had a wink of it in subconscious.

As I never have penchant for eerie tales or movies.

I found myself lost in a secluded dense foggy woodland encumbered by alien species, even trees were ghastly shaped, spectral.

Was trying to make a call, but the screen was blank.

Hell! Could see the reflection of an owl like grisly creature on the screen.

Petrified, I turned back, but nothing was there.

In trepidation, screamed for help, darting, trying to escape.

In the process, was entangled by the creepers, of a quirky ghostly tree.

There was pin drop silence.

"Oh! Those cryptic ghastly trees! It couldn't be earthly! "

The only sound was the hooting hushes of the owl and buzzes of the native creatures of the boscage amidst fog drips.

Almost stupefied, I heard the sprinting of something.

Tried to disentangle myself desperately.

Had seen the mirage of a pitch dark figure scurrying with the gist, " You can't escape!"

Strange, somewhere I had the feeling in the REM Sleep,it was a mere dream. Wanted to come out, to wake up, but in vain.

Aghast, closed my eyes, surrendered to the imminent.

Could sense something, wheezing immediate.

As something with spooky intonation exclaimed,

"You can't escape, you are chosen!"

"You are no more earthly!"

Startled, I opened my eyes, found the nocturnal creature marched by failing the fog briskly.

Being alarmed, the hushed wild creatures were fleeing back in a wild stampede.

The night, I wished to die than to be the prey of the marching creature's morphing bite!

As was under the spell of necromancy, it told me not to try to escape, to be there forever:

Again the echo: "You are no longer earthly! "

"You are my reflection now!"

Astounded, found the morbid presence though not hideous, yet fiendish.

Had a pungent smell of uncanny outlandish.

Could see it's glassy eyes, vampiric like jaws distinctly.

With the damn dazzling smile, the demonic creature freed me with the incisors, dragged me.

The senses were numbed as I was under the spell of evil sorcery!

It carried me vanished in the wheezing woodland to confront the inevitable.

Couldn't retrieve the sequel after that, only the sound was ringing:

"You can't escape, you are chosen!"

"You are no longer earthly!"

Suddenly, my hand gripped,

the holy locket, quivering on my neck.

Shuddered, sweated, I wake up.

As, it was a dream within a dream!

It was twilight dawn!

Unexpectedly, found traces of sludge on the locket!

I purged the holy locket.

Opened the door, could see the bright sunrays.

The sky was crystal clear, no traces of darkness left.

That morning, the sky looked so azure and bright as was illuminated by celestial crystal beams!

I felt a tranquil metamorphosis!

My cousin sister rang me, told that she was coming to join me.

I kissed the holy locket!

© Silpika Kalita

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