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Thriller, Suspense, Horror, Mystery

THE PRESENCE By Silpika Kalita Silpika Kalita

Wanderers were parched, asked the native to direct to the source;

They didn't understand each other, exchanged gestures

He was picked to accompany.

Gradually, the jeep entered dense forest, by traversing the narrow terrain.

Apprehensive,they thought of winding up the voyage.

He again exchanged gesture, gave hint not to halt.

Reluctantly, they moved on, doubted the entity's presence:

After a while, gave a hint to get off, to pursue him:

Like spell, followed him to face the inevitable!

After hurtling few secluded miles, witnessed the most captivated sight!

A sleeping valley rippled in wild blooms, as sparkling in mystical celestial beam!

Such beauteous was the sight, they couldn't believe their bare eyes!

They satiated thirst by a spring nearby.

Bestowed with numerous colourful flying creatures, the valley was seemed as smuggled over the dewdrops' lush scented vegetation!

Dancing in its own rhythm, unmindful of the presence!

They passed hours in oblivion, enchanted by the valley's sorcery,

Took snapshots to capture the moment, though he exclaimed not to, they paid deaf ears,

He reminded them of time, escorted their way back.

through the dense deserted turf hoot-footed.

While paving their way, they were babbling about their most fortunate decision: not to way back.

Hurriedly, they sat on the jeep, turned back to applaud him for the once-in-a-lifetime scene!

The showman of the dense region was not there, might be vanished in the woodland pell-mell speculated!

On the way, they had a glimpse of the snapshots, those photos were pitch dark, his presence silhouetted...

THE END. A true story depicted by few ramblers once, though they failed to recall the exact route towards the region later on. © Silpika Kalita

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