I'll be there
I'll be there

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silkyne I'm new to writing and I suck at I :P
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I'll see you soon. Old friend.

I'll be there

By: Silkyne Enjoy

I'd like to say you're my friend

I'd like to say you're quite lovely to be around.

Oh, you don't agree?

I'm sorry.

But you don't really have a choice

I'm sorry.

You don't feel the same way.

But right now?

I don't care.

I've tried to be nice about it.

I've tried to ease you in.

But unfortunately.

You didn't want to play the game.

Did you not like the rules?

The only rule was to play along.

But that was to difficult, wasn't it?

I guess we'll just go straight to the ending.

I don't want to hear you're pleas.

To be let go.

To be spared.

You ruined my little game.

So why should I listen to you?

I'm not the one that's tied to a chair.

I'm not the one about to die.

So why should I listen to you?

You didn't listen to me.

When I told you to not snoop.

You just had to look in the bag I told you specifically not to open.

The one with the guns, knives, and lies I've told, inside.

And to think, I started to have feelings for you.

What a shame.

I really thought you as a friend.

But you'll be following my parents.

You'll be following my sister.

You'll be following our friends.

And I'll be following you.

Don't think I'm deaf.

I can hear the sirens outside.

But they won't get to us in time.

I hope you told you, mother, you love her.

Wouldn't she be crushed?

To find that all she had left.

Just happen to be friends with the wrong person.

I think she wouldn't be far behind us.

"Come out with your hands up!"

Well, that's our cue buddy.

Any last words?

. . .

Typical, I'll see you on the other side old friend.

I'll be there soon.

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