When we’re Grown ups
When we’re Grown ups romance stories
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A beautiful love story of a little girl and boy...

When we’re Grown ups

On the swings, alone. Kicking the sand as I swung over it. The sea air rushing into my face as I gained speed.

I heard footsteps and turned around. A skinny boy with messy hair and freckles sat on the swing next to me.

I blushed. “Hello.” he said. I was shy. I jumped off the swings and ran away, kicking sand up as I did.

He followed me. We laughed. I ran into the waves and he followed.

We laughed and splashed about in the waves, having the time of our lives, for hours.

We got out, our clothes drenched and sat in the sand. We looked at each other, smiling.

He grabbed my hand and led me to the ice cream van.

He pulled a few coins and a button from his pocket and reached up and placed them on the counter.

The ice cream man smiled and gave us two ice creams, covered in sprinkles.

We sat on a bench and ate our ice cream. I kissed him on the cheek. He went red.

He asked me if I would marry him. “We’re too young for that.” I laughed, “ask me again when we’re grown ups, okay?”

He promised he would...

And he kept it.

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