What does it take to have friends?
What does it take to have friends? bullying stories

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A moving and realistic description of bullying.
“Putting others down will never help you reach the top and putting out someone else’s candle, doesn’t help yours shine brighter...”

What does it take to have friends?

-by silkyg17 “Putting others down will never help you reach the top and putting out someone else’s candle, doesn’t help yours shine brighter...”

I stared at him, Joe, the popular, outgoing boy every girl had a crush on, as he strode proudly through the corridor, friends surrounding him, talking, laughing.

Why did nobody go near me? Nobody laughed with me or even talked to me. Nobody would notice if I left the school and didn’t return.

I’ve had friends before. Well, I wouldn’t call them friends. They were told to be my friend by a teacher who felt sorry for me.

The girls talked to me for a while but then people started looking at them and pointing. They left. Nobody wants to be seen within two metres of me...

Some of the teachers talk to me but only because they feel sorry for me. I don’t want to be felt sorry for. Or to be talked to by a patronising teacher about things I know they don’t care about.

The only times I’m talked to, I get teased. The only times people laugh at me, I’m being laughed at and humiliated. And the only times people go near me, it’s to trip me up and push me about.

To them, I’m not worth anything. I’m not pretty or skinny or funny or popular. Therefore, to them, I’m not human.

To them, I don’t have feelings. I don’t have to be respected or treated well. I don’t have rights.

The teachers tell me, “If they do it again, tell a teacher,” Like that will solve all my problems.. They don’t understand.

It’s a cycle, you see. They tease and laugh and push me around. Then, I tell a teacher. The teacher says the same old, “Tell me if they do it again,” And then they tease me and call me a snitch and point and laugh. And the cycle continues...

I’ve moved school three times. It doesn’t help, like they all say it will. They say it’s a fresh start. Everybody is the same. Either, bullies or spectators.

Even the bullied stand by and watch. Then again, I never help them. If I do, they tease me instead and laugh that pathetic little me would try to stand up to the powerful.

I’ve told my parents. They say, “It’s because they’re jealous.” They just say that to make me feel good, even though I know there’s nothing good about me. The bullies told me that.

They’re not jealous. It’s not like they wish they were as ugly and fat as me. They don’t dream about being the dumb kid at the back. They don’t aspire to be worthless.

It’s me that’s jealous. If only I’d been born differently. Skinny, with a pretty face and long sleek hair. That’s all it takes to have friends.

The people that tease me are cruel, thoughtless and mean. They care about nothing but putting others down so they can reach the top. I hate them.

Yet, for some reason... I still wish I was their friend.

“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel..” - Maya Angelou

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