The Eyes of the Bully
The Eyes of the Bully bully stories

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“And it makes me feel stronger, cooler, cleverer and more powerful...”
What is it really like from the bully’s point of view?

The Eyes of the Bully

I spotted my prey. Stood alone, in the corner of the field, was that scrawny little boy with long blonde hair. I strode over to him, grinning.

I stood in front of him, then laughed and said “Why haven’t you cut off that hair yet?” He didn’t answer. I stuck my face forward.

“I said..what’s with the hair? You look like.. a..a girl!!” He folded his arms and turned away. I laughed. “Where are your friends?” I said in a mock concerned voice.

“They..err..went to the toilet” I roared with laughter, prodding him hard in the arm. ”Yeah, you wish!” I grabbed him and pinned him against the fence.

“Try and fight back, girl!” I laughed,”Or are you two skinny cos your Mum doesn’t feed you?!” I saw the fear and sadness in his eyes and grinned even more.

I dropped him hard on the grass. He looked up at me, sadness and fear in his eyes. I felt powerful and superior and he was the weak, helpless one at my feet.

I gave him a kick in the shin and walked off, looking for my next target. An overweight girl with spots all over her face. Perfect.

I walked towards her. She backed away. She knew what I was like, I did this to her every day. It was easy and it made me feel great.

“Yuck, it’s Katie” She burst out crying. She was so sensitive. That’s why it was fun. “God Katie calm down it was a joke!” I laughed. “Stop trying to get attention!”

An excited boy ran over to me. He was skinny and very short with hair shaved down almost to the scalp.

I laughed. “Oh my god, you absolute wierdo! You actually thought when I said I’d be your friend, that I was SERIOUS?!” He looked disappointed and humiliated.

“Oh” He said. I laughed more. It was a fake laugh. “It’s called sarcasm. God you’re so dumb!”

In full honesty, I was skinnier than him. Shorter than him and I was covered in spots. I was ugly and was in the bottom level in every subject.

But making others feel bad about themselves, means they don’t notice the things about me.. I think.

And it makes me feel stronger, cooler, cleverer and more powerful.

I dreaded going home every day, to my dad. All my feelings of power, intelligence and strength seeped away when he stood tall above me.

Really, I was just a weak, helpless, pathetic, tiny little insect that my dad could squash as he pleased.

I wouldn’t be the powerful figure stood over a tiny kid on the ground anymore, like I could be at school. I was the one cowering.

I was the bullied one... -by silkyg17

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