Loopy The Clown

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A short story about clowns, fairgrounds and childhood terrors.

Loopy The Clown

I loved the fair. All the lights, games, balloons and fun.

All the noise and excitement..

But there was one thing that made me stay far way from Dustbridge Fun Fair.

Loopy The Clown.

His name alone made the children cry.

The fun fair was usually empty now, Loopy had driven the crowds of kids away.

The place alone was creepy enough. The bright colours had faded from the empty stalls.

And there was no longer sounds of laughing children.

Only the sound of broken rides creaking and the faint fun fair music which broke off every few seconds.

Yet, strangely, Loopy the clown stayed. Hobbling around with a bunch of balloons, facepaint running off his oily face.

His clothes were filthy and ripped and his curly wig was matted with dirt.

Walking home from school, the children of Dustbridge often saw him, arm outstrenched, holding a bunch of balloons. Grinning.

That grin. So wide and crooked that it made you shiver with fear.

As he held out his hand, just smiling you were too petrified to even move.

All you could do was stare up at him until he left you, hobbling back threw the gates of the fun fair.

I had encountered him many times. Today was one of them.

I was walking to my friends house, which I often dreaded because I had to walk past the Fun fair.

This time, Loopy didn't seem to be anywhere in sight so I continued walking, cautiously.

Suddenly, Loopy jumped out of a bush and grabbed my shoulders, staring at me.

Suddenly, he grinned and his eyes were wide. I shivered and wriggled from his grasp.

He let out an insane shriek of laughter and beckoned me towards the fair gate.

I shook my head, petrified.

“Come,” come he said in a low, raspy voice, “come to the fair,”

My eyes were wide with fear and I took a few more steps backwards.

“N-no” I stuttered.

“No?” He growled. “ No?!”

He laughed manically again. Then suddenly stopped and frowned.

He grabbed me but I pulled myself away and sprinted down the road, breathing heavily.

I turned around. Loopy was gone.

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