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Conflict of the mind and heart.


How do i start? my mind is so conflicted.

Facing my demons the same as always, the metaphorical and physical ones. But recently i found hope, and hope makes everything confusing.

All my thoughts are scattered, constantly switching between despair and ambition. But there is no darkness anymore, I've escaped, found the light, and yet... im still lost.

My vision dances across the open horizon, the empty horizon. I Always dreamed I would find the light, only now do I realize there was nothing to see. I pictured beautiful skies and cities of gold.

Suffice to say I was very underwhelmed with my findings. As I wonder at the lack of landscape, the cloudless sky, the colorless sea, I start to understand.

I was never meant to leave, the darkness is my home. Yet I do not turn around, for what reason I could never know. My body stood firm, awaiting the unknown.

Holding on to that very hope that brought me here. Some amount of time later I began to hear a sound. A whisper of thoughts in the surrounding plane.

Focusing my mind I began to see the source... A beautiful girl, the words she spoke echoing through my heart.

I watch as she looks around in wonder, her eyes catching hold of objects that mine cannot. Hair glinting as she dances in a field I will never feel or know.

I fear she cannot see me, and so i dare not speak. When she spoke my name I barely recognized it, in disbelief i muttered only a few words, and she heard them.

We talked for a seemingly long time, and she shared the world as she sees it. Complex and intricate, filled with people and thoughts, laughter and joy, trees and birds.

Try as I might, i could not see the same. So now I am here, faced with the choice.

Do I return to the darkness from which I'd come? Or do I stay here, with her, living in an unknown world, having only the comfort of her presence.

I could make her happy, but no matter how hard I try, It will never be enough for me. This question I ponder, and soon will come the day when i must choose.

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