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silentstranger I love the art of poetry
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About me ...Sort of

I'm pretty new to this site, but in just a few hours many people have seen my writing. I enjoy writing a lot, and its even better when other people can enjoy my writing.

I would love to reach more people, and thank you to all who left a like :) But a comment would also be nice.

It would be great to receive some feedback. I also need more ideas for poetry...

Most of my writing is done in the moment, and usually pretty fast. So if you guys want me to write a poem about something then please leave a comment.

Any other feedback, i would also love to hear. I'm really just a starting writer, but i can tell this website is full of great creators. Hopefully i can get to know a few of you guys

Thanks for the follows too. And honestly i'll try to post as often as i can, probably multiple times a day.

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