You're not the only one
 You're not the only one crush stories

silenthope Community member
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You're not the only one

Early this morning, I could barely pull myself together, I made you an idol,

And I guess it went to my head. This happens when imagination prevails over reality...

You're not the only one, But you're a drug I am addicted to.

And I can't refuse it when you're around... Enough isn't enough

My heart skips a beat , When your gaze touches my soul. Could it have been worse?

The truth is here for you. And I pretend that nothing could ever hurt me anymore

I'm alive but lost on my way. My words mean nothing. I'd rather spend much time On losing myself, cuz I'm literally drowning in my own lies

From kindness to hate, I promise, but I'm lying instead : How good it was, How bad it is.

From cowardice to courage: Speak your mind and Inspire me on creating something unique...

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