Solace, One Day.
Solace, One Day. pain stories

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On confusion, polarity and feeling out of place.

Solace, One Day.

Is the love I feel towards others genuine?

I ask myself that question.

Any reality in the character I present?

Yet again, I ask myself that question.

There is something so dualistic about our nature

Though the self is found inbetween

We fleet and flit, twist around and turn

Tangled and mangled contridictions

I long to open up my soul completely

But to be open is to leave it for the crows to pick

And to be closed is to let a candles flame be extinguished

So, so tragically.

No matter where it goes, pain will surely follow it.

Seemingly, this condition is my way of being

Unwinnable sad games played on tear salted checkerboards

Attempting balance seems illusionary, persuing an impossibility

Ducking and covering from the inevitable tsunami

But perhaps solace one day will find me

After the wash has struck the bay

Amongst the towering grass, facing the sky

Within the glinting and glimmering of a lovers eyes

At the bottom of an old whiskey bottle

Being thread through the eye of a needle

Or as my body returns to ash

And rejoins the breeze

Which so cruelly created me.

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