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silenceo_o remember me in your prayers:)
Autoplay OFF   •   5 months ago
Believe me ill miss u forever n always....


Friendships are not meant to be made Because friends dont last forever Those promises of us being together Even after the graduation Are flying like smoke created from fire After we r lost in our own maze of life Ill look back at the memories

And would cry for hours Ill look back at us Ill look back at those silly fights Ill never forget those betrayals Ill never forget those busy nights We started off as friends Then we became the besties of each other But it seems like those fine days werent that long Cuz we act like strangers N it hurts to know

That friends dont last forever Ill still say ill forever say I love you n ill miss you Cz i know friends dont last forever I wanna say some things But believe me im not sure Cheer up cz that makes me feel bad Oh looks like ive reached the end N im sorry for watever ive done

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