Fighting The Numb

              Fighting The Numb sad stories
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silencedpoet coming up roses
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
is it a constant numb or never ending sadness?

Fighting The Numb

The emotions blend together creating a constant numb.

Have I really smoked and drank all my emotions away?

Have I lost the one thing that makes me feel alive while chasing the things that make me revive.

Sometimes I just need to cry but the tears won't fall out of my eyes.

Sometimes I need to scream at the top of why lungs but the words won't leave my lips.

Sometimes I need to slice my arm from elbow to wrist but the knife is to blunt to cut.

Sometimes I just need some time for myself to find who I am again because It seems that this world can cover up my identity and stash it so far that not even I can remember who I am.

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