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silence Community member
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How much is too much? How little is too little? Does anyone really know?


Wealth... Is a real tricky thing. Too little can kill you. Too much will kill you all the same.

Such is the greed of man.

It's a delicate balance between having just enough to tide you over, to keep you feeling safe and, well, everything else.

Too little and you won't have enough to live. You can't live. Trust me, I know, from experience no less.

Too much and how do you sleep at night? All that money and you can't buy yourself a sense of peace or security. All that money and it's still not enough.

Who knows who's trying to kill you in your sleep? Who's really there for you and who's only there for the dollar bills? The insecurities prey on your sanity. Was it worth it?

So, how much do you really need? I wouldn't know. I wouldn't know who else might know. It's never going to be enough anyways.

Such is the greed of man.

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