Bottom Of A Bottle.

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So I'll smoke another cigarette, and empty another bottle.

Bottom Of A Bottle.

by sihadarling20

I find myself at the bottom of another bottle, waiting for it all to fall apart again.

Replaying your words, over and over in my head.

So many times I've wished I were dead.

So I'll smoke another cigarette,

And empty another bottle.

I'll take another pill, I'll try my best to forget how I feel.

And how the memory of your touch makes me ill.

I want that buzz again, the buzz that chases away the thoughts of me and you.

The way your kisses were so sweet,

But your words were so cruel.

Another drink to forget the way your touch lingers on my skin like a badly placed burn.

To forget the pain in my chest that reminds me you've kissed every inch of me.

I'll find someone else to touch, someone who will burn away the memory of your skin on mine.

I'll replace the memory of your lips with the lip of a bottle,

And the burn of a cigarette.

I'll get so drunk that I don't remember your name.

Or the way you smiled every time you lied about loving me.

I'll stay out of my head so I can forget all about you.

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@bernardtwindwil Thank you so much! Your comment means a lot to me.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
5 months agoReply
You my dear, are a wordsmith. This was written with great craftsmanship. The message and feeling were exquisite. I loved it. You touched lovingly on the melancholic but did not dwell. Great post!!!!!!