A northern tale
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The life of a northern Nigerian girl

A northern tale

What is this feeling of angst

What are these abdominal pangs

People say its a blessing, I say it's a curse

They say I'm finally a woman, they say I'm ready for children

But I'm just a child, I have a lot to learn, I still have much to experience

My sister's thirteen and there's already a man waiting

Her friend Sadiya is twelve and is already two months pregnant

I see Alhaji Abdul and his perverted gaze

I see his eyes travel to my growing breasts

It seems like my Hijab can't stop Muhammad's hands

I thought my brothers and sisters were meant to lower their gaze

But most of my cousins are hell bent on removing my dress

These days I feel unsafe, these days I feel on edge,

What does tomorrow hold for a girl like me

When you are raised in a culture, that robs women of their autonomy

What does the future hold, a stereotypical northern life that my grandmother and mother lived

Or the stereotype of a modern woman with career freedom to become doctors and engineers

I don't know though, I don't know what to do

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