My Childhood Tree by Sias18
My Childhood Tree

by Sias18 sad stories
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sias18 Life is depressingly beautiful
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My Childhood Tree by Sias18

I swung from your branches, a fearless soul Who dared to be as free as the birds who made you their nest.

I climbed your trunk, as I was an mountaineer, and you the daunting peak I napped in your boughs, rocked to sleep like a babe in its mothers arms.

I cried my sorrows in your ears, and you listened. My falling tears, wiped away by your majesty and beauty

My heart, consoled by your presence. My body, embraced by your warmth of life.

I was a child then, but now I am grown up.

I am as free as a sparrow locked in a wicker-work cage. I climb the mountains of melancholy a vagrant And nap on the bloodied floors of heartache

For none want to hear my pain, and wipe my tears away I yearned to be free again

And I am free again, forced by the hand of Fate

By the tie of a rope and the knot of a noose. By the step off your branches, I am free

As free as the birds who made you their nest

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