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Lost my Dad to suicide just thought I’d share this poem I wrote to him. If anyone is ever going through depression please feel free to message me. You are not alone

Dear Dad,

I'm sorry I let you down like leaves falling from sad trees

I wasn't there for you like a daughter is supposed to be

You grit your teeth while sadness engulfed your soul

Your eyes spoke words your mouth never told

Suicide was weighing heavy on your mind

Your racing thoughts treated you so unkind

Sadness washed over you like thick black ink

Your thoughts swallowed you up and deeper into depression you did sink

Anxiety suffocated you like a bird caught in a plastic bag

It wasn't too much later that I realised I'd lost my dad

Sadness stole your soul

Anxiety took your health

Depression killed the old you and replaced you with a new, cold and sadder self

I knew you were gone, long before you died

You didn't look at me the same way anymore, didn't want me to stay by your side.

I wish I could have saved you Dad

And taken your pain away

Because now sadness has stolen my soul too

I am not the same.

I wonder if things would be different

If you were still around

If I didn't have to find out you were hanging on a rope above the ground

It wasn't just you that died that day Dad

A part of me died too

And now I'll never be the same again and it's all thanks to you

You see, killing yourself didn't get rid of the pain

You just passed it on to me

And now sadness has stolen MY soul

And anxiety has taken MY health

But at least now you're free

I wish you could see me

And the woman I've become

I wish you could give me a kiss on the cheek and a kiss for mum

It's been hard without you Dad

I'm sorry that I'm mad

It's just I hate you so much for leaving me

When it was a choice that you had

You could of left a letter

You never said goodbye

And now I have this hole in my chest and all I do is cry

I love you forever dad

I'll forgive you one day

I just hope you're happier now

Maybe we’ll meet again when I’m old and grey

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