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Ways in which I knew that I loved you

If Love could talk,

It would say,

"God damn, I am lucky you slid into my dm's"

Yes, Love is Christian

Yes, Love apologizes for using the Lord's name in vain (a lot)

If Love could talk,

It would have trouble describing your touch on its skin

How you leave a mark

Even when you are on the other side of the room

Love would stutter, just looking in your direction

Claiming, "Sorry I am nervous, you are just so pretty"

And you would follow with a laugh,

"You are such a dork"

But Love knows it is true

If your voice were a bottle of wine,

Love would actually want to drink

It would suffer delirium,

Had you ever changed your number

(So please, for the sake of Love's sanity - please do not change your number)

If Love could talk,

Maybe you would believe when it says,

"I am not here to hurt you"

Maybe you would know how it talks about you when you are not around

Or how it looks at you when you are not even looking

If Love could talk,

The first thing to come out of its mouth would be,

"I hope you get to where you are going, and I hope that I am there too" or

"Hope the garden connecting our souls is always watered"

Love would have a room in its heart, full of photographs of your face

So that even in the ache in life,

It would still find you somewhere close

If Love could talk,

It would embarrass you at poetry slams

Performing for hours

Visibly shaking after just a few words

Because Love is scared too, sometimes

Love nonchalantly reaches over

In the middle of the night

Expecting you to be there

Only to find that, sadly

You are not

If Love could talk,

It would scream your name from the rooftops of high buildings

Just so you would always know

Where exactly to look for it

So then,

Let's assume that love wakes up tomorrow morning

With the sudden ability to talk,

It would not be easy but

I reckon it would say something along the lines of,

"Hi, thank you for joining me

I think of you and smile a smile so big

It could fill an entire room

I think that I, Love, may love you"

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