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shynightmare The Bittersweet Poet
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How do you know when you've truly accepted? What perception do you choose to see?
Day 6

Abnormal Norms

How do you know when you've truly accepted?

You may think you've come to terms,

Something occurs,

Questions you all over again,

Have you really made the peace?

Are you comfortable in your skin?

Patiently change what you do not like

About yourself.

The reality has many uncomfortable truths,

Which we've been steered to not see,

Only the good revealed,

Ideals too,

But the awkward feelings,

The truths of perfection yet not quite perfect,

Generic emotions with blobs

Of several dozen other unexplainable emotions on the spectrum,

The slight misalignment in compatibilities,

All hidden and validities are in question.

The mundane of life is apparently not enough,

It means we are not living,

It means we are boring

It means we have nothing

Apparently so.

Bad days, weeks, months,

And years can go by,

We spiral into feeling we're not really living life.

It's a shame.

The acceptance is not as easy,

When the truths of reality are perspective

And filtered with expectations.

A struggle it can be.

The bloody layers of distortion!

Do you see?

Yes or No?

Either way,

It's the distortion again.

The Bittersweet Poet

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