Threat daily-prompt stories

shygirlKinda shy and ok at writing
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A poem about a beast and the rush of survival.


by shygirl

As my heart pounds mercilessly in my chest so quick and hard I'm sure you could hear it for miles.

I watch the beast it runs with powerful legs, razor sharp claws, and murderous intention.

I crouch down in a bush that's filled to the brim with thorns they scrape me with no mercy.

I'm trying my best to keep my breathing quiet as I hide from the beast that threatens my life.

It's so close now. I can smell it's hideous odor. It's trying to find me. It wants a successful hunt.

After minutes that feel like long hours the sun finally begins to rise. The beast can only live in the night.

It bounds into the shadows. I am safe. At least I'm safe for now.

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