Technical Difficulties
Technical Difficulties television stories

shygirl okay at writing + poems are nice
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The world is all black and white the only colour is in the television screen.

Technical Difficulties

Everything in this world is black and white. The only exception of this bland, grey world is the bright screen of the television.

Within the cold and plastic boarders of the glass is glowing and crisp technicolour.

One day, as you stare into the screen with the all too familiar dead eyes and blank face, something unusual happens.

The screen goes into a rainbow of blocks and an ominous message reads... “Please standby we are experiencing technical difficulties”.

Then, the screen switches to an offensive static sound with snowing flecks of real world black and white.

You decide to turn off the television, and as the glow flicks into nothing and silence fills the still air, something spectacularly magical happens.

The same technicolour that once filled the screen blooms around the grey world before your own eyes. The once dead stare transforms instantly into a looks of wonder and amazement.

You are set free.

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