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shygirl okay at writing + poems are nice
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Short story about two people and their love for each other.


by shygirl

Shhh. If you're quiet enough you can hear it. The sound of two people feel nothing but love for each other.

Not only can you hear it but you can also feel the pleasant warmth radiating from their moment and see the pure admiration light up stars in their eyes when they gaze at each other.

She is his entire world and he is the ground that keeps her feet stable. If you stay long enough you may even get to see them experience something truly wonderful. A kiss.

But not just any run of the mill kiss. A true love's kiss. It may seem like any other quick peck but it's really the opposite.

It is filled with passion not in a body and body kind of way but a you are my everything way. That is the most lovely kind of passion in the world.

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