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shygirlKinda shy better writer than talker
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Short story about the thing under a bed.


by shygirl

It's dark in my bedroom with only crude inky shapes of things and the occasional shadow to keep my eyes busy. The mattress is plush and the blankets harness a comforting warmth.

Tonight is particularly quiet. The only thing in the room my ears can capture is the slight sound of my own breathing. In and out in and out.

For some reason I decide to stop breathing for a moment just rather randomly to let the complete silence wash over me for a bit. But I still hear the breathing.

A sharp stop in the middle of an even inhale. Something is here and it's under the bed. I know it's here without a single doubt.

It must know I know it's there now because of the sudden stop of its rhythmic breathing. I pull my blankets up to my chin and tuck my feet far into them like a shield.

Rest won't come easy to me tonight now and probably not for it either.

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Deliciously creepy! I love it.