Hallucinations in the dark
Hallucinations in the dark narrative stories

shygirlokay at writing + poems are nice
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Narrator's perspective on hallucinations from sleep paralysis.

Hallucinations in the dark

by shygirl

The dark is nothing compared to what lurks in it. In the early hours of the morning before the sun rises the figures reveal themselves to me.

They are dark and shadowy and they have so many sharp unnatural angles to them. Their clawed hands reach out towards me while their inhuman faces sneer in the moonlight.

I can't move. I try to cry out but it's impossible. I can't tell if it's the figures howling or the wind. Am I asleep? No I can't be asleep it's all too real.

They never touch me but they come so close. This can't be real. And it can't be a dream. I must be hallucinating all of it.

So here I lay trapped by sleep paralysis being forced to watch and listen to the maniacal hallucinations it brings.

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