shygirlKinda shy better writer than talker
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Working in an ambulance saving a life.


by shygirl

Her heart is working too hard. We need to do something fast. We load her onto the cold metal ambulance and hope we can get the heart monitor on her fast enough. Her heart is in rapid fire.

There it is. The flatline and monotone buzz. Acting quickly. Starting the compressions. Pump pump breathe pump pump breathe. Something repetitive and rhythmic almost simple but can save a life.

Monitor starts to make the monotonous beep again beep beep beep. The beeps are at regular intervals now. On goes the oxygen mask. She's alive now but still in rough shape. The sirens turn on.

We speed down the road cars moving out of the way. It feels like flying sometimes. Adrenaline still pumping hard in our veins. Rushing against the clock. Here it is the hospital.

She's transported out and taken out of sight in a flash. Straight to surgery. We try to sit and calm our shaking hands from the rush. We hope she makes it through.

The thrill finally subsides enough for us to return to work. And back out to save another life in another emergency.

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