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shygirlokay at writing + poems are nice
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Short story about a girl and ex-convict


by shygirl

He was so mysterious. Hiding from everyone in a secluded part of a coffee shop. His head was low looking deafeated and tired. He ordered his coffee black but when he had to pay he was short.

I walked up and payed for it all. He thanked me shyly and snaked back to the corner. Casting looks my way every so often. Eventually he walked over. He had a strong build but a cautious posture.

I smiled. He asked if he could sit and I said of course. He looked so surprised. Then I couldn't hold back anymore the foggy backstory was taunting me. So I asked what brings you here.

He took a deep breath and said well I'll tell it if you tell me what you're doing in a tiny town like this first. It was true the biggest things the town had were a jail and a coffee shop.

I told him I was here visiting my parents. Then he took a deep breath that seemed to take a lot of effort. He whispered I was a convict who just got out. I kept a stone face.

Then I casually asked how he got there. He told me how his friends tried to beat up someone who went to school with them. And he couldn't stand to see it happen.

So he picked up a stick and threatened them. They didn't stop though. He swung. The stick only left a bruise on one of the guys just on the arm and the rest left in a flash.

But that didn't stop the guy from pressing charges. He said he pleaded guilty. He told me his name was Xavier and I said my name was Winnifred. We exchanged numbers.

Eventually we came to be close friends. Then it blossomed into love. Now I'm happily married to an ex-convict.

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