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shygirlokay at writing + poems are nice
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A sort narrative about accepting love.


by shygirl

We are so alone. Underneath the infinite stars who shimmer in the milky black. We are silent but we don't need to speak. It's been so long.

From the first time we met I couldn't believe I had feelings for someone. It blossomed like a rose. We became friends. It was a comfortable and warm friendship. They started falling for me too.

They told me they loved me. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. But my heart was set alight. The butterflies hatched from the cacoons in my stomach. It's been years since then.

They look at me now with nothing but love in their eyes. I return the small but grand getsture. The dark and silence Wrap around us like a blanket made of nothing but moonlight.

Now I sit and think. Their entire being is even more mesmerizing than the crystal clear night sky above us. Their touch is so relaxing. It lets my mind wander to our past, present, and future.

And how it took ages to realize how much love we really do have for each other because my mind was so full of denial that someone could care as much as I did.

But I've finally accepted that I love them profoundly and want to give them everything. And learned to accept that someone loved me back and trusted me just as much.

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