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100 random thoughts written down.

100 thoughts

by shygirl

Does the sun ever wish that he could see the moon because they die for each other every night and day. It's really a sad love story.

Lonely is sad because usually the people who want to be alone aren't and the people who want others are lonely.

Everything is beautiful in its own way even the ugly has a little in it somewhere.

We are all made of stardust and that's pretty damn special because a star died magnificently without even knowing it had the power to create everything.

Home isn't necessarily everyone's happy place.

It's okay to not be okay sometimes.

Never feel like nobody cares because there are an infinite amount of cells and microbes in you that live to keep you alive.

Humans are silly and we do silly things like touch each other to show how much we care.

Music can make even the most hurtful things feel a little less terrible.

It's weird that we make goals even though our futures will never be certain especially the length.

Space is so lovely.

Why do some people absolutely love some things and some people absolutely hate some things and how on earth can they feel so differently about the same thing.

Food is so good. Especially in great company.

What if and why not are my favorite things to say because why not gives you every reason to do something and what if prompts so many hopes and dreams.

Now for some odd reason every beautiful love song I hear just makes me think of him and how much I love him.

Do butterflies get humans in their stomachs or is that just a person thing?

Books are wonderful ways to escape reality and to relax all while improving your skills and intelligence in the real world as well.

Oceans and oceans of nothing sounds so peaceful but also scary and intimidating.

Bored so bored boredom doesn't mean you're boring just that your brain is in a little lull.

Lullabies even though they're simple they have power to heal wounded hearts from when we're babies to when we're old and grey.

That full belly feeling you get when you eat too much.

Innocent people get branded as guilty every day and we don't even know.

Heavy and dry eyes are very good reminders that everyone needs to sleep.

100 really isn't all that impressive for a number especially compared to something as infinite as pi.

Happy endings.

I have cold hands but a soul and mind that are lit on fire

I wonder if kissing scars really does help them fade faster.

Every person has a place in this world no matter how small it's still a place.

It's so hard to choose a favorite anything.

Darling take your time because the small amount we have is so precious.

What even is a soul? Does it really mean anything?

Flowers really are super pretty but they don't last long at all and it's really kind of a shame.

I try to take the bad like I take the good because that's what it means to be strong to me.

I think I use profanity in my speech because words don't scare me like they can scare others.

Love is worth everything.

Sometimes the soreness is there to remind us we're still here and still not completely numb.

It seems like motivation really does make the world go round.

Alone. Only my thoughts here with me. But not lonely.

Writing down our thoughts for other people to read is kind of like letting a stranger into your head for a bit.

Everyone is so unique and sometimes we forget.

It's funny we feel so safe behind a screen when really they're very thin and don't do much protecting at all.

Click clack tip tap so many white noises raidiating from all the keyboards.

We are all clueless.

Everyone has the human right to say no to anything.

The sky is fascinating.

Sometimes wrongs turn us the right way and that's amazing.

Even though they keep us awake we still love ghost stories.

Forgiveness is so important and yet it's hard to come by.

Guilt can gut you out so you feel hollow.

Anger likes to bubble up and seep from the cracks even though we do our best to hide it and it can be so ugly when it surfaces.

Why do people have the reaction of throwing or hitting things when we feel like we can't handle something?

Happy is lovely.

Reading and tea in a comfy place can make the worst days less difficult.

It's so odd that loss makes us feel like we have a hole in our chests where something once was.

The wonderful smell and sensation of rain.

You can use beautiful words to describe ugly feelings.

Rest truly is important.

Why do we like people we don't even know like actors and singers and even people we pass on the street?

I've always wanted to touch a cloud.

The end?...

Our pasts are written in stone, our presents are written in wet clay, and our futures are written in sand.

What did the buffalo say to his kid when it left? Bison.

The bright lights blind as they dazzle.

It's hard to have original thoughts all the time because humans are all so similar.

There will always be a soft spot for someone or something you hold dear.

So tired.

Magic can be so wonderful.

Who are we?

One word sentences are so cool and weird at the same time.

Walking in the rain is so peaceful.

When you feel so connected to someone that you feel like you can sense what they're feeling even if you're not in the same room.

Wandering isn't completely bad or completely good it's a happy medium of just being.

Is all chaos really all bad?

Why do so many people like love stories with happy endings? I think it's because they're actually rare in real life.

Time really does go by super fast when you think about it.

Cold and rainy weather is lovely.

Cold toeses and noses.

Falling asleep to the tapping of rain.

How bad can lies really hurt someone? Do we just overreact?

Promises mean the world to me broken promises is like shredding my faith in you.

People should just mind their own business.

Beauty and strength don't have set definitions they fluctuate between people because they are subject to opinion.

If we didn't have sad we would be numb to the happy.

Be witty if you want.

Are sleeping and eating really wastes of time? Because they are necessary but not really all that stimulating.

Memories fade love stays.

People that laugh at stupid jokes are lovely.

Tread lightly on the unknown and feelings of others.


Sometimes we love things even though we know they aren't the best things for us.

We don't like things about ourselves but can admire the things we don't like on us on other people.

Limits are funny.

Guidelines are just like rules only they sound less rigid.

Everything will eventually be swallowed by the sun and its poetic because what keeps us alive will be our demise.

Everything means something different to everyone.

Humans are always so interested in things that can kill us like fire and vast water.

Firsts really are very impactful.

Heartbeats are unsettling and comforting at the same time.

Everything must end eventually.

I'm finally finished. The end.

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