Loves Ungodly Wrath {Female x Reader} A Medieval fantasy
Loves Ungodly Wrath {Female x Reader} A Medieval fantasy romance stories

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Chapter one, who could that be?
Written by Shiloh Wilmar
Co-edited by Junior Thau

Loves Ungodly Wrath {Female x Reader} A Medieval fantasy

(E/c= eye color)


Y/n looks up to see his face, his warm crimson eyes fixated on hers.

"Why are you following me, do you want to be dragged down with me?" He says in a cold stern voice, his brows furrowed. Y/n doesn't speak.

"huh? do you?" Ikari says in a harsh tone.

"No of course not, I just came to find you and find out what truly happened. I wanted to hear both sides is all"

Ikari sighs, slowly drifting away from Y/n, giving her some space. "you wanna hear my side? alright, I'll tell you...I was framed-"

"Wait really?!" Y/n interrupts

Ikari jumps at the volume of Y/n's voice. He shushes her. "Keep it down! They're out looking for me, yah know!"

"Sorry, I'm just so surprised! Wait if you didn't kill him... then who did?"

Ikari avoids Y/n's gaze. "My old partner. Heh, guess he was just tired of being the sidekick" He chuckles, catching Y/n's glance once more. "Honestly...I didn't expect anyone to even consider hearing me out." Ikari cracks a small smile. " Hey I didn't catch your name, and you already know who I am"

"I'm Y/n, I live on the eastern side of the town village"

"It's nice to meet you Y/n. I have to get going now. See you around I guess." He says as he starts walking away.

"Wait! I'm coming with you!"


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