Y/Cs daycare - a series
Y/Cs daycare - a series angst stories

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Your character ran a daycare. One night, things take a dark turn when one of the kids run in, crying.

Y/Cs daycare - a series

Y/C's daycare was for kids with hard home lives. There were three kids currently in the daycare: Sora, Ame, and Taiyo.

Y/c would always have to help them read, write, and help them after a bad day with their parents.

Taiyo would fall alseep everywhere, usually in small, cramped spaces. He could read, and was 6.

Ame would always talk about cute or sugary things to cope, and the 6 year old loved playing dress up with y/c.

Sora had the crappiest home life, so to speak. He rarely talked, constantly had flashbacks, and his hands would shake most of the time if he was extra stressed. He never understood that not everyone is mean, but y/cs working on that. Sora was around 4, and always had headphones on.

One day, y/c was cleaning up the daycare at night when sora burst in through the door, crying and shaking uncontrolably. He had a few burns on his arms, and bruises covering his arms and legs. He was hyperventilating, and his hair looked like someone had pulled it hard. He sank to the floor, shaking and trying not to scream.

(Im sorry about the angst-uhh, comment if you want me to continue the y/cs daycare series! and just dm me if you want to use this prompt! Stay safe, and drink water! -Leo)

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