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shwethasb007 Even the Joker is jealous of my smile.
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A thriller story..

The Locket

[People running towards something]

They saw something strange ,

They saw something strange , deadly and bloody.

Detective Helbert Ross was having a coffee at the newly established cafe.

Officer Hops called him to take a look at the newest crime.

He reached the crime station , and took a peek.

A body which is ofc dead , too bloody .

But to Helbert's surprise , body isn't even bruised. Blood's not the result of any injury.

Then how did the blood is being oozed out? Helbert wondered.

Officer hops reported , it's maybe of hemorrhage.

Okay now it makes sense , he said to himself. He looked closer to the body , and found a plain chain around the neck with a locket marked 'D'.

He took it out and showed to Hops. Might be of his lover's /partner, said hops.

And they found two deep marks , which appears to be an injected one.

Polices took the body and went. No progress was there about the crime , cause they didn't find any clues. So did Helbert.

1week later...

Helbert's phone rang continuously. At first he thought it would be of no importance , but when it continued till ten minutes , he got up and picked up the call.

Hurry up Helbert , said an unfamiliar voice. Come to westward street. Hurry up.

He hurried to the respective street and found another body. He checked it and..

to his surprise, he found the same mark on the body , which look exactly as same as of the one they got ,one week earlier.

A wind of terror passed through him. He then checked for another similarity , and found a chain, marked 'A'.

They came to a solution ,that the killer is same in both cases.. But how many , the killer is planning to kill? One of the officer asked.

We don't know. We have to find. First of all, we have to find the connection between two of this dead persons. Said Helbert.

After a long days of hardwork , they did got an answer.

That two of these persons had a deal between states famous drug dealers. They used to give drugs to people over money.

And there were three persons who teemed up and used to go for illegal services. And two among them are now being reported as dead. So that itself says, one more have to be killed soon.

But who?

They wasn't able to find that third one , and reported that the respective had been killed. Body wore a chain marked 'N'. And found the same deep cut on the body as expected.

Now when Helbert recollected all the alphabets , he found a name - " DAN".

So officers was damn sure , it will be that killer's name. But Helbert asked them , why did a killer want people to know who killed them? I'm sure it won't be the killers name.

As Helbert suspected , It wasn't the name of that killer. It was the name of the leader of drug dealings.

And without any arguments , they knew who's going to be killed soon.

They rushed towards Dan's home ... But they was too late. He found dead on his floor .

Helbert went closer and looked for the chain. He found one . And marked 'E'.

So now it became , DANE

Everyone looked so shocked. So the killer ain't gonna stop?

A flower vase fell down , as someone was running so hard to escape. Every officers , covered up the area and was able to catch the killer.

To everyone's surprise, Killer was a Woman...

What? A woman! Hops exclaimed. Why did u killed these people and who is Dane? Asked Helbert.

Dane was my husband. He did only one thing wrong. He raised his voice against illegality. He pictured , one of the team members of these people being killed by their leader.

So they all ran behind him. And injected heroin overdose. And they killed my husband in front of my eyes.. So I injected cocaine , which can cause high blood pressure , leads to hemorrhage. It's less suspect able , cause they take in such substances. So less probability of catching me.


She needs justice , Helbert thought to himself. He and the team made a story and set her free.

She thanks him and walked to a new beginning.

She thanks him and walked to a new beginning. to heal from the past and to enter to a new chapter.

She thanks him and walked to a new beginning. to heal from the past and to enter to a new chapter. to start new life...

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