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shwethasb007 Even the Joker is jealous of my smile.
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Heyy here are my answers ...


@esthann10 1.What type or kind of music do u love to listen to?

@esthann10 1.What type or kind of music do u love to listen to? I love Reggae fusion , Pop , Indie rock....and at some point of time , I love random songs according to my mood..no matter the genre..lol

@esthann10 2.What genre of movie do u love?

@esthann10 2.What genre of movie do u love? I love Especially thriillers investigative movies .. and ofc love stories..lol

@vanshikat26 1.Whats ur fav place at ur birth place?

@vanshikat26 1.Whats ur fav place at ur birth place? I love kochi..in Kerala. It's beaches , street foods , fashion .. everything..It always left me speechless..

@vanshikat26 2.What has been ur best trip till date ? Oh I loved Neliampathy in Kerala ..it's a high range place. I visited there last Friday and stayed for three days.. It was very much foggy that day.. And secondly ,I love hyd, the Hyderabad..❀️

@vanshikat26 3.What is ur fav non south indian dish? I love Chole Bhature, Rogan Josh , Butter chicken , makki ki roti , north indian meals .... Burgers, pizza,noodles...all the junk foods..lol (oh delicious! I want one of these right now!!, You have to make it for me..πŸ˜‹)

@vanshikat26 4.Have u ever visited north ? Ahh it's still a dream... I'm exploring India from downwards .. Visited Kerala(which I'm living in..lol) , Tamil nadu , Goa , Karnataka and Telengana.. Still have 24 states more.. But I know I will visit one day..

@vanshikat26 5.If u get a chance would u go study abroad? Ofc I will.. I will gain knowledge from outside and will def implement it in our country..

@vanshikat26 6.So since u will be 18 next year , do u plan to celebrate a grand birthday party?πŸ˜‚ Yeah I'm waiting for it...πŸ˜„ We can celebrate it together..πŸ₯³

@vanshikat26 6.Would u visit me some day ? πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜‚ Ofc I will.. After getting into a good college, I will surely visit you.. we will have fun together..

@bluex3491 1.how do you react to scary stories? Ahh I'm not at all afraid of it.. I believe they are just our own creative thoughts.. Certain horror movies censor some of the scariest portion , when telecasting on tv. Therefore I don't see such movies in tv , I will seek for the complete movie over internet.. Seems like I'm a brave one...lol

@rishit_singh 1.If you were to write a book, what would the title be? Hmm if was less than 10 years , my book's title would be : Sky's so high , so do I want to be..lol If I was less than 15 years , it would be : How to be so playfully in your whole life.(based on my true story.)

But as I'm just less than 18, It would be : .....Live Laugh Love❀️✌️

@rishit_singh 2)If you were to chose between poems and stories, what would you chose? I love poems telling stories..

@rishit_singh 3)Favorite music artists and genres I love Arijit Singh & Atif Aslam's musics so much..(Hindi) And Harishankar (Malayalam), Sid (tamil ) , Justin Bieber , Sia My fav team , Imagine dragons , Maroon 5 ❀️ Love Reggae fusion and pop

@rishit_singh 4)Favorite tv series and anime Neither a fan of tv series nor anime . I don't see tv much.. Only on sundays mostly

@happyanand What is one thing that you always wanted to do but you never could? I tried every night dreams to come to life.. some of them did . Such as winning the tournament of kho-kho , winning medal in Relay....and to prank some of my buddies..lol Others are still just a dream.. Like touching the moon, sea and air diving, bungee jumping..etc

@wonderlandrious If you could create a new Earth, what would it be like? Earth doesn't need changes at all. It's the people who need! People Have to learn , to live among differences .

@getz_writez 1. What is your favorite book/author? Agatha Christie - murder on orient express William Langland - Adventures of Robin Hood.

@getz_writez 2. If you could be an animal what would you be? Actually Humans are in Animal kingdom.. our exceptional qualities are :we can smile, think , have sixth-sense ,more life's span.....so I prefer to be a human always. But looking away from science, I wish to be a cheetah..

Yayyyy completed..πŸ˜„βœŒοΈ

Thank you soo much guys for those amazing questions... I'm soo happyyy..

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