daily commute
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shutupdevidk what i'm doing tbh
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notice me

daily commute

by shutupdev

sometimes, when i'm walking along the street,

i begin to wonder about everyone. about that man's life story, about what that lady is rushing to get to? a wedding? a funeral? her boring job that she hates?

i sometimes wonder if anyone sees me and has questions

if they ponder about who i am, and what's got me in such a giddy mood. or why i'm running to wherever i'm going.

the point is, i've come to the conclusion that no one does

no one looks at me and wonders what i'm doing

or who i'm going to see or whether or not i'm happy with the life i'm living.

is it wrong of me to want someone to notice?

to question who i am and why i'm doing the things i'm doing?

but no matter how many times i go by and no one notices

i will always wonder about the strangers on the street.

because if i don't

who will?

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shutupdevidk what i'm doing tbh
a year ago
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shutupdevidk what i'm doing tbh
a year ago
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shutupdevidk what i'm doing tbh
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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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This was an excellent expository on one activity that we spend more time doing than anything but work. Your questions and your answer were both great. I loved it. Great work!!~