It so happened that night... PART - 1

It so happened that night...

PART - 1 stories

shrutiA poet!!!
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I thought of it when I went on my late eve walk on my roof, & felt the terror all around me, I saw the sky filled with that black & red color together, & felt the devil all around me, & wrote this...
You can take him as anything but for me he is a ghost with some unfulfilled desires, cause I believe in ghosts & such negative powers...

It so happened that night... PART - 1

Despite of intuitions of something wrong, She went out on her daily late eve walk, & took her phone along, To get a nice company & someone to talk,

As she took a few steps, & she went out of her street, After having a doubt, & choosing a new way

She heard the dogs crying aloud, & she knew it wasn't a good omen, But she couldn't understand a thing & took step to that new way she didn't know when?

As she entered the street, A nice perfume did her nose surround, But she saw nobody around!

Suddenly street lights burst out, & she gave a loud shout! She switched her phone's flashlight, But her fully charged phone suddenly showed "battery low!"

She now listened a whistle & as she looked backward she saw him giving her a bow, He the one with that nice perfume, & the conversation did he resume,

He looked directly in her deep brown eyes, With his strange shimmering green eyes, & said,

" Hey young lady! I'm hypnotized by your beauty... " "What!!!" She said with a little anger, "I, I meant to say, Why did you come here & when, Can't you see, it's it's about to rain...

She looked at the clean sky & shining stars, But suddenly she saw lightning, heard thundering, & the dark clouds captured the sky,

Before she could understand a thing, The big water drops fell upon her head which those cruel clouds did bring,

Surprised she suddenly asked, "It seriously rained, how?" He took her milky white hands in his snowy ones, & took her to a cottage nearby, & said, "This one is my!"

She tried to take her hands out of his, But he didn't leave!

She looked at his shiny strange green emerald's eyes, But the shine was burnt in the fire of lust, Now all left there was the hunger & fire of lust,

She tried to release herself but all in vain, & she was feeling a strange pain,

He kissed her snowy white nervous hands,

He kissed her blushing cheeks,

He kissed her cheery lips,

He tries to arise all the lust present in her, & she was filled with tears...

& his touches & eyes, Enlightened the same fire, the same desire, in her eyes,

& they started shining so bright, & together did they spend the whole night...

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