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Your Inner Animal

Let’s find out what your inner animal is... shall we? Note: this may not be accurate, so please NO HATE.

Do you like to be center of attention? Yes-click forward twice No-click forward once

Would you rather be reading a book or watching TV? Watching TV-click forward twice Reading a book-click forward once

Would you rather be doing things with a partner? Yes-click forward twice No-click forward 9 times Sometimes-click forward once

When you go swimming, would you where a bikini or a one piece? Bikini-click forward once One piece-click forward twice

YOU’RE A FLAMINGO! You are out going and different. You have a fiery and bright attitude like your feathers. You certainly stand out from a crowd. You are very social. You are done! Comment “I’m a flamingo!” below.

If someone comes up to you and insults you are you going to insult or assault them, or forgive them and think there is reason for their insult? Insult or assault them-click forward twice Forgive them-click forward once

YOU’RE A PANDA You are a symbol of peace and friendship. You always try to find ways to solve problems with peace. You do not like chaos and you always have gratitude. Your done! Comment “I’m a panda!” below.

In a group are you in the background or the leader? Background-click forward twice Leader-click forward once

YOU ARE A WOLF You are the leader of the pack and have a free spirit that your friends admire if you. The wolf can help you with trust. You are finished! Comment “I’m a wolf!” below.

Are you a type of person that is determined to complete their dreams or someone that is strong-willed. Complete dreams-click forward once Strong-willed-click forward twice

YOU’RE A FALCON You are determined to achive your dreams and you are strategic. You are patient as well You are done! Comment “I’m a falcon!” below.

YOU’RE A TIGER You are independent as well as observant. You are strong-willed and adventurous. You’re done! Comment “I’m a tiger!” below.

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