The Healing Turtle
The Healing Turtle healing stories
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A woman brings a turtle....

The Healing Turtle

I sit down with all the other wounded. We were slashed by the enemy. They had ambushed us and know we are here, waiting for death.

Then a woman with a turtle. “A turtle?” I think. “What will this bring to us?”

The woman had black sleek hair tied tight into a top bun. “Hello,” she says steadily.

“What are you doing here?” asks one of my fellow friends, Collin.

“I don’t mean you any trouble,” The woman claims, her vioce calm a soothing. “I’m here to help.”

“With what?” I ask. “We were left here to die. You can’t help.” I tilt my head down sadly. “Here to die.”

“Tarla here will heal,” she says gesturing to the turtle. “Or she will grant me the power.”

Then, the woman’s eyes glow a brilliant shade of purple, almost a violet. She touches her hands together and puts them near a man’s body.

Magically, his wounds close up. “H-h-How did you do that?” he asks. “How?”

“I told you,” she says, “that my turtle has the power of healing.”

She comes to me. “Now,” she starts, “do you believe?” I nod my head in return careful not to say anything she wouldn’t enjoy.

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