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There was a cry of a baby. Then a cry of joy. Now the Milone family was complete. Mrs. Milone was amazed and a streak of pride covered her body. She did this, all of this. Her struggle had paid off. “Oh,” she said gently, “oh, how beautiful she is.”

Bliss Milone

There was a cry of a baby. Then a cry of joy. Now the Milone family was complete. Mrs. Milone was amazed and a streak of pride covered her body. She did this, all of this.

Her struggle had paid off. “Oh,” she said gently, “oh, how beautiful she is.”

“Now all she needs Alexis, is a name,” said Mr. Milone standing by his wife admiring his brand new daughter.

“Bliss,” Mrs. Milone responded softly,“since she gave us great joy today.” Mr. Milone silently agreed.

Yes. Bliss, what a wonderful name. The name went on and on in his head. Bliss, bliss, bliss. Mr. and Mrs.

Milone sat and silently stared at Bliss for a little while smiling at the little baby, who was in the middle of fidgeting with her feet.

A nurse flew in, holding a form and a pen. “Mr. and Mrs. Milone, please fill in the birth certificate!” she said handing the couple a blank form and a pen.

“Very well, then.” Mr. Milone said, taking the objects from the nurse’s hand gratefully, still half-staring at Bliss. “Very well.”

As he filled out the form he felt like jumping up and down. His pen flew across the page as he wrote Bliss’ name. His loopy yet stiff letters never felt so alive.

How to write his letters went through his head, little loop, tall loop. Dot the I and down stroke.

Mr. Milone stared at the certificate up, down, left, right, to make sure it looked right.

Birth Certificate

This is to certify that

Bliss Milone____________

Weighing 8 pounds, 13 ounces_ was born on the 9th_ day of August

to Alexis Milone and Felix Milone

in the year of 2009.

Mrs. Milone was in awe as she stared at her baby. Bliss’ round head and her thin layer of jet black hair. When Mr. Milone finished filling out the form he handed it to the nurse.

Now it was official. Bliss was now a Milone. It was printed right there.


During Bliss’ early stages, she was your typical newborn with typical reactions. “Peeka…. boo!” Mrs. Milone said once.

Bliss did the normal baby laugh reacting to the game, sputtering and sounding like a cross between a donkey and an actual human laugh.

When relatives would see her at “get together” or party she was the star there. They would coo and sound like they were ordering a dog.

“Come here Bliss! Come here,” they would say, as if Bliss was a dog. They’d pick her up and swing her around. Naturally, Bliss loved the attention.

When it was too much Bliss would start crying to show that she doesn’t like that much attention and to give her a break.

But, of course they can’t understand Bliss so they still don’t give her space and try to comfort her.

So then, Mrs. Milone would come and scoop Bliss up and sing to her.


When Bliss turned five, her parents were so amazed. Wow! they thought. Bliss grew up so fast! It was true. Bliss had transformed into kid from being a toddler.

“Your speech is much better than it was last year!” claimed her parents. Bliss smiled so bright that it looked like her gleaming teeth were the sun itself.

The following day it was Bliss’ first day of kindergarten. During breakfast, her parents lectured Bliss on the rules of kindergarten.

“Okay, so Bliss, if someone makes fun of you what do you do?” asked Mrs. Milone.

“Ignore the person,” replied Bliss.

“And then?” said Mr. Milone.

“Tell the person ‘stop it,’” answered Bliss.

“What do you next if they keep bothering you?” questioned Mrs. Milone.

Bliss sighed. “Tell the teacher.”

“Then?” Mr. Milone said.

“Oh, I’m not sure! You didn’t tell me!”

“You punch the person,” hinted Mr. Milone quietly.

“You punch the person,” repeated Bliss.

Mrs. Milone was astounded. “Why, Bliss I believe we didn’t tell you that, did we?”

“Daddy told me that.”

Mrs. Milone glared at her husband. He shrugged. “Sweetie, dear, please do not punch the person. Promise me that,”said Mrs. Milone.

“I promise, Mommy.”

“You promise too, Felix.”

Mr. Milone sighed. “I promise, Alexis.


Waiting at the bus stop was a bore. The driveway was incredibly boring in the sight of Bliss. The black blacktop with some lines of tar, made the driveway quite dark.

Mr. Milone made Bliss and Mrs. Milone get out at 8:00 even when Bliss’ bus comes at 8:30.

After a while, Bliss began to get very fidgety with her backpack. She was playing with her straps and pretending that she was riding a horse. “Neigh!” said Bliss. “Giddy up horsey!”

“Bliss!” Mrs. Milone said excitedly. “The bus is here! Straighten up! Remember this is your first impression on . . . well, in fact everyone in your new school!”

“Bye, Mommy,” said Bliss, hugging her mom. “I love you!”

“I love you too Bliss. I love you so, so, so, much,” said Mrs. Milone, hugging her daughter.

Bliss waved behind her and stepped onto the bus. As the bus drove away, Bliss didn’t see the tears streaming down her mother’s face. “Oh,” she said, “she’s all grown up.”


Bliss sat down in the closest available seat that she could find, hoping that she could get a one seater.

As she looked for a seat the bus driver gave a grunt saying, “hurry up, girl!” So then, Bliss quickly plopped herself in a random chair.

Her luck not being good made her sit down on a chair shared with a fifth grader. The fourth grader said nothing except looked through the window.

Bliss pursed her lips tight and breathed a sigh of relief. Phew! She thought. It’s good that the big kid is somewhat . . . nice?

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