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See a Day in my Life.

By: Shriya Sudhakar

A Day In My Life!

By Shriya Sudhakar

Hi! I am Shriya. A Day in My Life Can be a bit boring or a bit excited. Like, It a mix of feelings in a Day!

It Holiday for me and I wake up at 10:00 Am. Then I go and brush my teeth. Then, I have my breakfast as usual and watch youtube on my laptop. Then I painted a Canvas [still not completed].

After I painted a canvas I watched youtube again and then my mom came from work. Then, we had lunch and we watched some T.V. Then my mom went to sleep but I continued watching Cartoon on T.V and painted as well.

Then hours were spent by and then my mom left for work and I continued my work. Then again, hours spent by and then my Dad Came. Then I got ready to play football with my friends and my dad too came with me. I was enjoying playing football. Then we spent 2 hours playing football.

Then we came back home and I had a bath and then I relaxed for a while and was doing some work on my Laptop like checking my Gmail and classroom and stuff. Now I am right here writing this Story in Commaful!

This is it for now! Comment down below if you want more exciting posts of a day in my life like this. Bye Friends!

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