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shristipandey Community member
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what love actually feels like...


I've always imagined what love must have been like,

And each time I do, the picture seems to change.

Love must have been like an old french song dancing on a busy street,

Or like a rusted yellow leaf at the edges of a pool,

Driven by the cosy wind on a hot summer evening.

Love must have felt like a rusted old bench of a ninth standard classroom,

Straight towards left, in a deserted English city.

Love must look like a red-blue painting on a Roman wall in a household of two,

Or like the third book from the top with pictures and poetry in a hallway of a museum.

Love must smell like coffee and daffodils in the back yard

Watered by a seventy-five year old,

And love must sound like the sound of sleep on a fresh Sunday morning.

Love must have been like late night walks on the bridges of Vienna

Or like jumping barefoot in a far off night farm.

Loves looks like the happiness on a five year old,

Running through the lane, admiring his candy flavour

Or like the gleam in the eyes of Richard's dog,

When he gets back from home, living three blocks over.

Love must feel like the balloons taking off,

Away from the hustle of a small town in Middle-East.

Or like running through empty grounds till your legs ache,

To take snaps of the sun sinking down.

Love must be like admiring the stars from a distance,

Or wishing on airplanes and falling asleep to the sound of rain.

I've always imagined what love must have been like,

And each time I do, pictures seem to change.

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