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Demon Arise Season 1 where the adventure begins on Kei Kaito Hasegawa answered the call from the mysterious number.

Demon Arise Season 1

New York, 2004. A man named Kei Kaito Hasegawa , also called Mr.Kaito , was borned in NYU Hospital on 16 July 1981.

One day , Kaito waked up and having breakfast like usually he did, but his phone was ringing on the way Kaito getting his breakfast , Kaito was called by an anonymous number.

Thinking its was a normal scammer, he declined the call . Eventually that anonymous number was keep calling Kaito, and Kaito keep's declining .

The caller hasn't give up and tried to call Kaito once more, Kaito thought the person had give up.

But the number called him again, Kaito was pissed , he answered the call and start yelling at the person.

Kaito yells loudly until the person ended the call, Kaito begans calming down after the yelling. The person said "Done yelling?".

Kaito raised his voiced and said "Yes Im done! Now what are you calling me for?

" The person said " We'll talk later, hurry up and meet me in the Canal street's Subway" Kaito decline's the call immediately and pissed off after the call.

He went to his car and started the car's engine, and he brought some bread on the way for breakfast. He went to the Canal Street's Subway , and parked his car in the side of Britain Cafe.

He went in to the subway and saw a girl waving at him. Kaito went after the woman and asked "Are you the person on the call this morning?" the girl said "Yes, I am" .

Kaito said "Now what do you want?" , The girl said "My name is Yumiko Mio, do you know about the king's gem?" Kaito said "I don't , well what was it?".

Yumiko said " What?! You don't know about the king's gem?!" , "What would you expect me to know about this?! Im just a normal person!" Kaito replied.

Yumiko's breathing heavily and said "Okay , so right know the Kings Gem was a gem that everybody's trying to find right now".

Kaito said" Okay so what do you want to do to me?" Yumiko replied "I want you to be my partner to find the King's gem".

Kaito's raised his voice and said "Hey hey hey not so easy, is this gonna put my life in danger?

" Yumiko replied" Well not sure but if you wear an armor and a sword I'tll be fine" Kaito said" What?! Swords?!,We need to battle someone?!" Kaito panicked.

Yumiko said "Stop panicking, i'll teach you how to use the swords and fighting people". Kaito cant even say a word because how panicked he was.

Kaito shaking his head's and just following what Yumiko said. Yumiko bought some train tickets for her and Kaito, and theyre going to use the train to go somewhere unknown.

A day passed, Kaito wondering why theyre not camed to the destination, and Kaito haven't had a breakfast since yesterday, 5 hours later they camed to the destination.

Yumiko grabbed Kaito's hand and leading him out from the subway.

They arrived at Kansas city, Yumiko leads Kaito to a Swordsman shop, Yumiko said "Hey Nobu, mind if you train my beloved partner of mine?

" , Nobu said "Hah! A new partner for the king's gem , what's your name?

" , Kaito said "Im Kaito, from New York City" Nobu replied "Ah a traveler from far away, so you went here to train aren't you?

","Yes, I camed here to train" Nobu said " Great! I think the sword suitable for you is the Dark Magic 11", "What is the Dark Magic 11?" Kaito replied.

Nobu said " It's a sword that has the average blade, it almost can't cut off a steel or objects, not even flesh.

But the Dark Magic 11 has the best speed's , and it camed 3rd in the leaderboards of speed sword's!" Kaito replied "Okay so where do we start?

" Nobu said "I'll give you a mission for the training.

", Kaito said " What's the mission?" Nobu replied " Your first mission was to take down a partner's like you and Yumiko, and you must bring me back the Dark Orb they stoled from me.

" Kaito replied " I guess I'll give a try". Nobu said " They're on Rome , as I remember they're still camping in the colloseum, you can only see them on midnight, and not on the afternoon.

Good Luck!" Kaito Shaking his head and start to go to Rome. Yumiko said " I wonder what's they gonna look like".

Kaito and Yumiko went to the cruise station and buyed some tickets to ride the cruise ship, hours later the cruise ship started and ready to go to Rome.

After 2 day's, they made it to Lido di Ostia , Kaito and Yumiko leaved the cruise ship and went to a bus station. Kaito and Yumiko Paid the tickets for the bus to the Colloseum.

As they made it to the Colloseum, they rent some hotel near the Colloseum for a night. Kaito was excited , now he can rest and have a meal after 3 days.

10 hours later, its already midnight and they're ready to fight the partner's.

As soon they camed to the Colloseum , Kaito feeled a hard wind coming from the back , Kaito dodged and looked on his back , Yumiko was prepared her sword and Kaito too,

the person who camed on their back was one of the partner's, the person said "What's your purpose on getting here in the midnight?

", Kaito replied "I came'd here for the Dark Orb, Now hand me the Dark Orb" . The Person said " Haha, Rookie's like you was like a cake that can be easily cutted by my Blue Ocean 14 !".

Kaito gulps and he became nervous.

The person said " My name is Taro Katsuro, And My Sword is Blue Ocean 14 , it's a sword that have the best blade , layered by a Great White Shark teeth and platinum.

", Kaito yelled and say "Bring It On! I'll cut your flesh with a fast speed!". Taro said "Ah Great! A fearsome challenger, I've never encounter an enemy this brave, Bring it on!".

Kaito and Yumiko runs toward Taro and slashed Taro, but it was useless, Kaito with an intense speed and still got slashed back by Taro's Blue Ocean 14.

Taro's Only got a small scratch and Kaito badly injured in his left hand.

Kaito hasn't give up and attacks Taro while he's trying to get up, Taro's almost got chopped in half , he dodge the attack and immediately attack's Kaito.

Blue Ocean 14 was almost hit Kaito's head, but Kaito's Dark Magic 11 with an intense speed he blocked The Blue Ocean 14. After that battle, Taro was impressed of Kaito's skills.

Taro said "Now that's a good sword, I don't mind giving you The Dark orb, Unless you defeat me and my partner first!" , Kaito said "Where's your partner? I didn't see her anywhere.

" Taro Said "Good,Now look behind you", Kaito And Yumiko look back and they see a 16 yr old girl heading towards Yumiko and Kaito. The girl holding a katana in 2 of her hands.

The girl said "Oh, Taro you left me and the battle already starts? Why did you not tell me?". Taro said "just join the battle quick!".

The girl said"Oh I believe your name is Kaito and Yumiko, My Name Is Ayako Rosefield, My Sword is The Pink Love 15.

It automatically damage people nearby me , and leave a kiss-like mark that will explode after 5 seconds".

Kaito Feels he's gonna lose, without any more of thinking, Kaito attacks Ayako , but Ayako blocked his attacks and started to kiss Kaito , Kaito seems to be distracted,

and Ayako quickly slashes Kaito, and leave a kiss mark. Kaito said "This is gonna blow up in 5 seconds, well I accept death".

Ayako was blinded by pride, and she was forget that Kaito can slash her anytime, after 5 seconds , Kaito's got exploded, but the speed of Black Magic 11, slashes the bomb before its explode.

And its about 0,1 milliseconds before the bomb exploded. Ayako was shocked, but she's impressed about Kaito's sword. " I think im impressed of you, can I join your adventure", said Ayako.

Kaito said "Sure You can join!". Taro Said " This is unbelievable! Why would you join them!". Taro was blinded by rage and slash Kaito in the head, but still, The Dark Magic 11 speed was intense,

Taro head was slashed to pieces, and Taro was dead. Ayako was frightened and hugs Kaito hardly after Taro's Head got slashed. Kaito said " Your scared aren't you? Its okay, you'll not be scared

for the rest of the adventure". Ayako shaking his head, and grab's the Dark Orb, And gave it to Kaito. The Day has ended, The three of them went back to Kansas City using the cruise. 2 days after

leaving Rome, they camed back to Kansas city and return to Nobu. On the way to the Swordsman shop, Kaito holding the Dark Orb and was excited for finishing his first mission and learned how to u

se his Dark Magic 11. Nobu saw them and shout "Hey so you finished your first mission, and I see , you're brought a new partner for the adventure. I guess its Ayako, Taro's partner". Kaito said "

Yeah I finally learned how to use The Dark Magic 11 , and It's tough to defeat Taro's Blue Ocean 14". Nobu replied " I see, Ayako still doesn't know how to maximize the using of her Pink Love 15,

you'll teach her Kaito". Kaito replied "Okay,but what is this Dark Orb for?", Nobu grins and said "Come, follow me". Kaito followed Nobu to his workshop and Kaito handed the Dark Orb. Nobu begin

s to assemble the Dark Orb with the Dark Magic 11. *glows*, The sword has upgraded to Dark Magic 12 , which has more intense speed, an damage of the sword was upgraded, the layer of the sword was

upgraded to pure hard metal. Kaito said "Wow! Its has a cool design and more metallic!" Nobu replied "Exactly! It has more speed and metal, and luckily it seems your Dark Magic 12 was added 0,1

God Of Neptune 12 dust. Which was God Of Neptune is the 1st speed sword and camed 2nd for range sword. I wonder how's Taro had this dust in the first place.." , Kaito grabbed his sword and put it

in the sword bag, Kaito was very excited of his sword and his next adventure. Nobu said "Your next mission is head to Georgia,go to the Thomasville street, in there you'll see a casino. Head in

and you will meet 4 sister's of Ayako, the Rosefield family. And remember Kaito! Don't forget what you camed there for, is easy to get you distracted. The mission is I need you to get a passport

to Japan that's have been hold by one of them, Yuka Rosefield." Will they survive? Will they defeat all the enemies ahead? Lets Find Out At Demon Arise Season 2 !

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