The Passing Cloud Part 5 written by shrew

Part 5

written by shrew rain stories

shrew11 I'm a heart-broken Medic.
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The passing cloud final part. Thank you for keeping up with my story. Let me know in the comments how did you feel after reading the whole story. Feel free to share your opinions.

The Passing Cloud Part 5 written by shrew

I'm almost done, I only had few more left in me before I disappear. All I needed was it's love. With all the effort I put, I could have created a river some where else, but I chose to be with you and rain here, because I loved you and it doesn't even matter if you love me back or not, because I've shown you all I got, all my love, not wasting a single drop and that is the love I know.

Packing all the love that is left, I was moving towards it, with my last drop of love. Now I could feel it all around me. I could hug every bit of her, literally every single particle she's made of. Her warmth turned me cold. It stored me deep down in her heart. It planted my love in the crevices of her soul. All this time it showed me how much she loved me back. I didn't realize it until now.

For it, love was life! And that was it's way to portray love. I thought the sun and wind were obstacles, but its love was such, that it used all those to paint itself with the colour of our love. Our love was pure, our love was true, our love was eternal, our love was natural! It is not something we can convey in words even if we could talk.

Because the day you can define what love is, it's not a love anymore, because you can't confine love to words, for words are limited and love cannot be.

I'm not a passing cloud anymore, she's not a desert anymore as long as my love is encrypted in your crypts, it keeps growing more and more...

Thank you for following my story. I will come up with a new story soon. Have a great day!

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