Ytp: Shrek's aftermath
Ytp:  Shrek's aftermath  may the forth be with stories

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Part 3, part two: Yoda's message. Part one: monsters incarcerated. Events tying In into bee shrek test in the house series.

Ytp: Shrek's aftermath

Sully: come in Shrek, this insn't so Bad loosen Up!

Shrek: Creating this Timeline was a mistake.

Shrek: Hey, Flash. I need you to take me back before I Created Bee Shrek Test In the House.

Flash: if you do this there is no turning back, if you decide to go back in time to this point, And change things drastically we might end up in another Uncomterable Situation!

Shrek: I need to fix the timeline. I ruined everything the Moment I decided to assign Shaggy into my Protectors of Earth initiative. I miscalculated. By having done that. I ended up making a world with little to no conflict. Where is the fun in that?

Flash: so you are saying you want to Travel in order to create more action?

Shrek: yes. here me out. I want to go back and change my decision in order to create a differant time where Darkseid and Thanos don't get defeated in one second.

Shaggy: hey, Shrek man, you are like overreacting. I heared you loud and clear with my super hearing. Youvare not changing anything. Just because everybody is dancing all lame like doesnt mean we wont have a galactic battle anytime soon. Just wait a bit, some crazy thing will happen soon. Also you Abandoned the Bee Shrek Test in the House. Just because it was no linger profitable. Shame on you Shrek.

Shaggy: don't give up on all the other superbeings just because you know you are overpowered like me. I command you to make up to the whole team.

Shrek: I don't take orders from anyone!

Shaggy: don't like, defy me man.

Shrek: shut up, Shaggy you're so annoying you are so overpowered, you ruined my shot at fighting bad guys!

Shaggy: Don't even try to diss me! I will decimate you In theblink of an eye!

Shrek: I'd like to see you even try!

Chuck: stop Fighting!

Segata: I forgave Nintendo losers so you must forgive each other!

Shaggy: I mean, if you managed to forgive your rival, i guess Shrek could Forgive me!

Shrek: I guess so, fine. Instead if traveling I will fix my team, back to the way it was.

Yoda: fixed already the mistake that Happened previously I have, yet helped Sully Shrek still have, renlmained. More patience you must have Shrek!

The End! To be continued!

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