A Series of Short Fictions #001

A Series of Short Fictions #001 dog stories

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It's not always a human companion that will bring happiness out.

A Series of Short Fictions #001

Alex never had a life as her friends did. No kids to pick up from school or a husband to kiss her goodnight. She had nothing of the sorts. "Hey Alex, wanna join us for a couple of beers tonight?" a colleague asked.

Alex smiles, "Nah. I think I'll pass. Gotta get home early tonight." "Oooh. Looks like someone's waiting for you. Nice" "Yea," she chuckles. "There is."

Alex gets home feeling all excited. Just as she enters, out of nowhere she tumbles and falls on the floor and laughs. "Oh, you. Did you miss me? Who's a good boy? C'mon, let's have dinner." And happiness was simply that.

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