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a story about demonic forces and a happy neighbourhood

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Moldaak the demon emerged from the spirit board reeking of soot, sweat and iron, and promising to behave.

"Hell is a terrible place and we never get to come topside," he said.

"I just want to enjoy it a little before I get sent back."

We tentatively agreed, but left the spirit board out just in case.

Over the coming days, Moldaak cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed the stairs and decorated the living room.

When we asked if he could burn down our loud neighbours' house, he politely declined.

"I don't want to be that guy anymore."

A happy week went by. Moldaak got the neighbours to quiet down by baking a pie and inviting them start a book club.

"We're reading this incredible memoir,” he said. “You should join us.”

When Hell sent another demon through the board to fetch Moldaak, she looked around and whistled.

"Nice spot you got here."

We made up the couch for her to sleep on.

It's been a month now and we're running low on beds.

We thought about closing the board, but then some families down the street volunteered to take in the newcomers, all impeccable guests.

This morning they hosted a "thank you" luncheon and tomorrow they're launching a neighbourhood beautification committee.

"None of us know how long we have here on earth," says Moldaak.

"We may as well make our time beautiful for everyone."

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