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I saw her come inside the cafe, the moment I saw her, I could not take my eyes off. She wore a tight white shirt, a black shirt, black stockings, and with beautiful blonde hair, she just walked inside.

Cafe Lust

I saw her come inside the cafe, the moment I saw her, I could not take my eyes off.

She wore a tight white shirt, a black shirt, black stockings, and with beautiful blonde hair, she just walked inside.

As she gave a look around, she went to place her order, and took a sit directly in front of me.

She sat down, legs folded, and the cut of her skirt highlighted her thighs and calves perfectly. It was a tease from the start. She looked gorgeous!

I was reading on my iPad, and having my coffee, but the moment I saw her, I could only do since then was stare at her, admire her. I could not help myself, my eyes were out of my control.

All I wanted to do was go there introduce myself, and run my hands through those juicy thighs.

Her breasts, ohh her breasts, that shirt did justice to them, tight and round, they showcased them perfectly, it felt if she could take a sudden deep breath, her button holding those breasts,

could pop out anytime.

As I gazed from her thighs to her beasts, from her breasts as I gazed up to she her face, I saw she looking straight at me.

I did not dither, I stuck to my gaze, and to all my astonishment, she smiled. She gave a good look at me, from toes to my face again, ans smiled again.

I guess, it was her way of saying she approved of me. I smiled back.

That gave me courage.

Like a wild fire, the fire raced inside me, i felt the heat, and could no longer control. I got up, and went to her, stood there for a second, smiled, and walked ahead.

I wen to the washroom, saw her looking at me, i kept the door open and went inside.

Few seconds passed, and I thought she missed the hint, or I went over the line, misjudged her. But as I was about give up, I saw her standing in the door.

She came inside, and locked the door behind.

I smiled, heat rising within me to the extreme levels, I waited for her to make a move, I wore a black one-piece, my her were tied in a pony.

She came rushing like a wrecking ball, and kissed me, her hand went on my thighs, first clenching it then slowly moving, up-to the rim of my panties.

I grabbed her, both my hand in her beautiful smooth hair, and kissing her, frenching her.

She made me turn, and she was now behind me, she kissed my neck, bite it, and then grabbed my breasts, it was a firm but passionate grab, I moaned and moaned.

She took her one hand down, and inside my panties, slowly brushing the hair there, she rubbed my vagina, so gently and so softly, I gave a small yell,

but she cared less that my yell might be heard outside. She removed my panties, and in the mirror i saw her tuck them at the rim of her skirt.

I wanted to pleasure her too, grab those breasts, but she whispered, " It's all for you, baby."; and to be fair, I did not protest.

Cause her hand, her heat, her body felt so nice on me, it was the best I felt for a long time. she slowly inserted her fingers inside me, and began to move it to and forth, to and forth.

meanwhile her hand still on my breasts, rubbing them, pinching them, pressing them, pulling them, and her lips moving all over my neck, and my back, as she had already unzipped my dress.

I moaned heavily, sweats flowing, heat flowing like a flowing water when all the doors of the damns are opened. I gave a final scream as I came.

The energy it took, I leaned on the washbasin for a moment, regained my strength, and looked behind to give her a kiss.

But she was gone. I could not see her, the door was closed, but unlocked. I hurried, tidied up myself and re-zipped my dress, and ran outside, but she was no where to be seen.

I went to her table, and all that was left was a piece of napkin, with words written - ' Hope you like it' and kiss mark made by her lipstick. I held the paper to my chests.

I knew I will never she her again. But that day will be the best I will ever experience in my lifetime.

~A girl surely understand a girl the way it should be~

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